NFPA’s 52nd Education Conference

Celebrate With Us | Embrace New Partners | Make New Connections!

Trainer: Dr. Jesusa Jasso


This workshop is geared towards acknowledging the importance of wellness in association with making better connections. Taking care of self is not selfish and the sigma surrounding self-care will be reevaluated. Foster parents often care for children who have experienced hardship or are struggling with the impacts of trauma. This can be emotionally and physically draining. Your connectivity to others can be impacted by this stress. It is imperative that foster parents learn to care for self and acknowledge the impact of stress on a person. It is also time to fight against the stigma surrounding mental health and self-care. It is not a cliche or crutch, but an important part of remaining a loving, compassionate, and caring foster parent.

• Learn about wellness and its importance.
• Learn about the stigma surrounding self-care.
• Participate in a card sort activity that will help identify areas needing more attention.

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