NFPA’s 52nd Education Conference

Celebrate With Us | Embrace New Partners | Make New Connections!

Trainer: Mrs. Kristen Adkins


Why do we discuss trauma but fail to mention hope? Discover how to use the child's past and biological family to create a plan of hope for their future success. This actionable workshop will delve into their adversity and discover how to use those experiences. Create an actionable plan to help your child thrive in their new home while forming evolving connections with their relatives.

Learn to create long-term goals and visualize your child as a productive adult member of society doing excellent and meaningful work. Learn how to create mindset shifts from focusing on trauma to viewing trauma in light of the hope that you possess for your child.

Foster Parents will learn the following:

1. How to create long-term goals and actionable plans to visualize their child as a productive adult.

2. Mindset shifts from trauma toward hope and expectation.

3. Communication skills regarding those long-term goals and plans.

4. With the goals and trauma in mind, create hope while keeping the first family connections relevant and growing.

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