NFPA’s 52nd Education Conference

Celebrate With Us | Embrace New Partners | Make New Connections!

Trainer: Sarah Herrian


Foster parents open their homes, their lives, and their hearts to children who have been traumatized and are sorely in need of emotional support and stability. And while every adult who is raising a child is a parent, foster and adoptive parents must immediately rise to “expert” level parenting to meet the complex needs of the children entrusted to their care. It is estimated that 50% of all foster families quit during their first year, with the largest exodus happening at roughly 10 months. This forces children to be placed in new homes, creating yet another disruption in their young lives.

How to start and build a foster parent mentor program
How to find quality Mentors
How to choose your Mentees
How to sustain the program
How to improve retention

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