NFPA’s 52nd Education Conference

Celebrate With Us | Embrace New Partners | Make New Connections!

Trainer: Amanda Cruce


Join us to hear from members of the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP) as they share their experiences in building and supporting meaningful partnerships and discuss how children/youth are more likely to thrive when the important adults in their lives cooperate with each other and share responsibilities and decision-making.
The BFPP is working to promote lasting relationships between birth parents, foster parents, and kinship caregivers to support families and to help child welfare systems prioritize these relationships through culture, practice, and policy. The BFPP is supported by three partnering organizations: the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance, Youth Law Center’s Quality Parenting Initiative, and Casey Family Programs.

> Learn about the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership philosophy and relationship building tool
> Discuss ways the Relationship Building tool can be used to support families long term and in a supportive way from the beginning
>Explore opportunities that participants might have for using the tool in their work

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