NFPA’s 52nd Education Conference

Celebrate With Us | Embrace New Partners | Make New Connections!

Trainer: Ashley Rae Klinger


Inspired by the growth of her family and their journey through infertility, adoption, and foster care, Ashley Rae has introduced the Family Shrub and the “shrub not a tree” philosophy as an alternative concept to the traditional Family Tree as a way for ALL families to embrace the growth and intentional blessing of THEIR family and families growing around them. Although their family may grow differently than some, their family, like every family, is planted with a purpose and is equally important as the next. What started as a “legacy project” for her family transformed into a relatable message that families around the world can embrace and apply to the growth of their own families.

A Shrub Not a Tree features a two-part approach to provide children of all ages with a thought-provoking, age-appropriate message that’s easy to comprehend, while also providing adults with additional insight and a deeper understanding of the message and overall mindset behind the concept of the Family Shrub and the “shrub not a tree” philosophy.

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